Our Story

The idea behind Hollow Pocket was formed during the 2020 global lockdown – when Michael and Kieran were thrown together. Dreaming of a better tomorrow for themselves.

The two of them realised that while their arguments sometimes lead to shouting, their love for music, art, clothing and the culture surrounding it drives them to fight (because they'll never admit they might be wrong). They'd eventually end up with something that neither of them could imagine.

In May 2021, during one of their regular ‘heated conversations’, the question was asked, "well, if you think you can do it better, why don't we do it together?" and that's how they got here. 

The idea behind the name ‘Hollow Pocket’ comes from their shared inability to hold onto money when they see things that they want. Their mums always told them that money burns a hole in their pocket... well, she wasn't wrong.

Two best friends with completely different creative influences but a shared vision – to give back to the culture that has given each of them so much over the years. 

In typical Hollow Pocket fashion, when New Zealand was plunged into lockdown in August 2021. Kieran and Michael realised that the ideas they had couldn't be brought to life without building a team. 

They brought in a very good friend of theirs, Ryan was given the deciding vote while also bringing something to the table that both Michael and Kieran couldn't do themselves. 

From 2021 to eternity. Welcome to Hollow Pocket.