Alice in Blockchain

The idea behind tangible objects has changed over the years, from CDs, books, cash and action figures to streaming services, computers, online banking and NFTs. While each of these things may seem like everyday items, NFT stands out, right? 

A Non-fungible token (NFT) is a digital version of any form of media. Typically they will be photos, but they can be music and videos as well. I know this sounds strange but bear with me. Like any physical object you can buy, an NFT is the same. You own the right to do whatever you would like with it. The only difference is that you can’t physically touch it. 

We have launched our NFT collection titled “Alice in Blockchain”. The inspiration behind our collection is Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. Our ‘creatures’ are inspired by all of Alice’s wacky encounters along her journey down the rabbit hole. We’ve reimagined these things in a new world with a darker twist on the original. 

Hollow Pocket Alice in Blockchain art music culture cryptocurrency

The first creature to grace the blockchain is the ‘Ratbit’. Inspired by Alice’s initial interaction with the White Rabbit, enticing her to enter the rabbit hole, we’ve redrawn and added a ‘Hollow Pocket’ twist to the original design. 

Moving forward, each of the creatures we design will be part of our first clothing launch. We hope you enjoy our designs as much as we do!

Join us along our journey down the Ratbit’s hole to expand our universe and bring intriguing characters with deep backstories to your screen.